Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gray Wolves Returned list of endangered species

Wolves back in the northern Rocky Mountains in the United States. On Tuesday, 14 October 2008, the court victory for environmentalists gray wolves back on the list of endangered species.

"In the northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf is back on the list of endangered species, with each of its population having the same status in accordance with the Law of species threatened with extinction," said federal judge Donald Molly, wrote in the decision taken in Missoula, Montana. Twelve U.S. groups challenged the decision of the Government in February 2008, when the gray wolf in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Passionate in its duty to protect the wolves, the problems that denied reintroduction of gray wolves had been successful. It was feared that with the exception of species that could lead to hunting wolves with the individual states.

Before the first settlers arrived, were gray wolves in most of the continental United States. As settlers moved into the wilderness and intervention, where herds of bison, elk and deer have been scattered or destroyed. Natural predators, carnivores, wolves began attacking pets and settler reprisals. U.S. authorities and ranchers to pay a generous reward for the hides of wolves caught or shot by hunters. Ironically, studies on animals have shown that wolves have a minimal negative impact on the populations of deer and elk, which feed primarily sick, weak or disabled.

Prior to the introduction of this kind in 1980, gray wolves have disappeared in the United States. At that time, began to colonize the wolves in northwest Montana near Glacier Park in 1995 and 1996, sixty-six wolves from Canada to Yellowstone National Park, in the hope that they survive and reproduce.

After the launch, the wolf population was transformed into a distribution and natural reproduction. U. S. Forest Service more than 1200 research report of wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

The gray wolf or timber wolf pets and social life in the family, called the package that hunting of large dams, and to defend its territory from other wolves. Montana has 73 packs of 415 wolves. This estimate includes 38 breeding pairs. Usually, wolves are 4-6 in the litter of puppies. Mineral County conservative states that 36 wolves in 7 packages. Mineral County is less than one percent of the area of Montana, but 18 percent of the population of wolves in the state.

The gray wolf is on average about 6-8 animals. The package increases and decreases depending on the season. In spring and summer of wolves in the improvement of their young and lived in small groups to have their young people. In winter, wolves are the major packages for hunting and travel. Wolves range over large distances in a country the size varies from 50 to 1000 square meters.

Wood wolf is a magnificent creature. Canis lupus has played an important role in the ecosystem in the natural balance of Montana to a variety of animal populations. The unique experience of facing the Wolves in the wild is a rare gift, air intake, some interesting points that will never be able to enjoy.

With the restoration of supplies, endangered species, perhaps in the midnight howl of a gray wolf can be heard on future generations.