Friday, December 26, 2008

Top Three SEO tips 2008

Since 1998 I have in the first few months of each year in search of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tips over the previous year end. This year I have the best SEO Council.

SEO Tip 1: Make Google Alerts for your personal spy network

Google Alerts is a good way for the world's largest search engine on his personal Internet spy. This takes on search engine optimization insider information to a whole new level. Here is an excerpt from the line of Google ....

"Google Alerts are email updates on the latest results of Google (Web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Some practical applications Google Alerts, include:

* In the next story development
* We remain on a competitor or industry
* Get the latest on celebrity or event
* Saving bookmarks on your favorite sports teams "

As you probably guessed, is the second most concerns us, "according to a current competitor or industry."

Here's how it works ... Each time, when Google was a reference to the issue or topic you sent an email with details. It's like a spy in the line that competitors are not protected your keywords (trademarks, trade names, etc.) is also an instant identifier to know when your site or product news story, or even hot item, so you can use situation. This is the easiest way in the world to stop competitors' dirty tricks and trends that can be shot.

It is fast, free and works every minute of every day. Google Alerts ( accounted for most of his time during the legwork is the fruit!

SEO Board number 2: Optimization of 404 pages, and always

"Error 404: Page Not Found" is a blessing that most webmasters curse. Why? Get visitors on any page of your site is fantastic! Do not blow the opportunity. Not only can be done in the "404" side a valuable sales tool, you can use the following search engine optimization techniques to clients in the crowd.

A.) Use your main keyword in the title, "pipe" (usually through the enter key) and then use your secondary keyword. Here is a sample site SEO "SEO - Search Engine Optimization Tips"

B.), add a keyword rich content from one to two keywords per page. If you have less than 250 words on the page, using keywords, and do not use more than three times the total. First use of bold, italic, and the second or third deployment. Note that this "inactive" on the page, just say that visitors to your site is to whet your appetite with a good description. Something similar works ... "Thank you for your visit SEO (bold) Group, Inc We regret that landed on the missing pages, but do not worry if you're looking for the best search engine optimization tips (bold), which is on the rise. .." This will allow a few paragraphs or as long as you want before the end of some effect "Please click here (link) to visit our site map or click on any link on the left side."

C) your website, add standard navigation system (bar, column, etc.), as mentioned above.

D.) Take a look and personal page 404 corresponds to the main site as closely as possible with a template that accompanies palette, cascading stylesheet, etc.

E.) to create a link to a map page, if possible, and make reference easy to find. You want your visitors on page 404 and its contents as soon as possible.

Creating a custom 404 pages of links, usually takes less than five minutes in most large companies, web hosting, as But what is it worth the efforts.

SEO Board number 3: Get (yet) a serious relationship

I saved the most important thing of the past. If you want to do well in any search engine, Google, in particular, the relationship is the most important thing you can do. It is so simple.

Here are five things you must do to your site # 1 in Google:

A.) Find the highest-ranking web pages with links to your site and your competitors' sites.

B) Run monthly link campaigns and snatch the best above-mentioned websites.

C) carries out regular checks on what pages are still to return to your site. Alsomake am confident that we are not a high-level page to page with a minor (not fooled!)

D.) provides penalties for any sites that refer to; ASAP!

E.) Check your search engine ranking and your competitor for each of your keywords every week. That is, at least for Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista.

Inside Tip: You can spend a lot of work for many SEO consultants (myself included) use SEO Elite ( more difficult and time consuming work.

One last thing to know is that Google was originally a student project, created for the sole purpose of determining a website on the value of objects that refer to them. Twelve years later, this remains their main tasks. relationship is everything to Google.

These few SEO tips are the best of the best to use it wisely. Good luck!