Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is Firefox user Loses on Chrome

Call me fickle, but I returned to my Firefox browser by default at the time. Here, I found that the devil really Miss Chrome.

Why ago, soon after lavishing praise on Google open-source web browser? Now, with Google, as well as the opportunity to work with the innovative "preliminary version for developers, I have signed, and guess what - it is not so stable. In particular, both new and I have inexplicably reasons, did not react for a long time - at least 10 seconds, which is about 9.5 seconds longer than my tolerance.

But I like some of the new features of Chrome, so that they do not want to lose the best evidence of stable or beta version. Instead, I thought maybe I would like to know that my second favorite browser, once again wait until the new opportunities of Chrome is used.

I was a little surprised. As for me, to Chrome two months ago, was the performance, but I have to revert to a Firefox user Chrome.

More than ever, I found that even after several weeks of Chrome, my muscle memory has been moved to a different behavior. Return to Firefox is not only different, but - I like the old functions. Here is a list of what I do not even know that I came to taste.

Location of new chips
If you are a link in a new tab with Chrome (often half of the button to make), a new tab appears on the site immediately on the right side of the current tab. This, of course, related groups tab, and for me, at least, it facilitates the conversion of many.

If you have a new tab in Firefox, it seems that the far right of the list, and more difficult to achieve. Only we need more than a little time to find and click on the tab.

The good news, if Mozilla evangelist Chris Blizzard helped me in a blog entry, Mike Beltzner developers, for the same behavior in Firefox:

• tabs open and open links on the right side of the current tab
• The new chips, designed Tab key or key combination to open a tab at the end of the tape
• If you have multiple tabs (background), the reference that in relation to the right of every person, after the change, this behavior is the opening sequence, as well as the chips are immediately re-opened to the right or bottom of the page, how above

Search for the address bar
I think, Firefox Awesome Bar makes it easier to dig previously visited links in my story, but a Google search directly from Omnibox search through the network mix, it is useful. I am looking for a dozen times a day, and now I have forgotten whether or visit the search box at the top of the Firefox search specific (for the second fastest, I press Ctrl-R, and then click on the tab).

Some people are worried about sending a lot of juicy personal information on servers in Google, which controls the type, the results suggested. But, except for the writing on the Internet, it is the same thing that the search page, in any case.

At least one of the key
When you enter the address in the address bar of Chrome and Firefox offer a list of proposals in the box. But the most important highlights of Chrome choice, while Firefox is an entry in this field.

This means that if the choice is correct, just press ENTER Chrome, but down below, and then Firefox. This is a small thing, but it is hundreds of times a day.

Quick Start
Technically, this is a problem with the effectiveness of the user interface, but the answer is important. Loading Chrome like Notepad to download a program that has not changed since the 386-based computers running Windows 3.1, Firefox Laden feels more like a grindingly slow process of collecting Outlook on your computer.

Do not get me wrong - There are many things I like about Firefox, including the opening of RSS-channels, extension cords, full screen, color profile support about: config "settings" and I found a few weeks, McAfee with e-commerce site.

But I give credit to Google in response to real improvements in the interface.