Sunday, April 18, 2010

Support Energy Saving Campaign with Ampoule

Today, a campaign on saving energy is taking place everywhere all over the world. It is done due to the energy crisis that is threatening resulted from the crisis of energy resource. As the world citizen, we should take part in the campaign. We can do it by using energy saving ampoule in our home. It seems a simple act to do but it give big impact to the effort of saving energy.

If all homes use or install such a kind of bulb, big amount o energy can be saved effectively. As we know that the energy we use has something to do with other aspects such as preserving environment, minimizing air pollution and so on. If all these can be taken care of, we also contribute our part to the protection of ozone layer destruction. In the marketplace, we can find a huge selection of ampoules in various brands. However, we have to ensure ourselves to only use the quality ones. Besides that, we must also use the original ones so that what we do really works.

If we calculate, one ampoule a led can save much energy as 35 watt of this energy saving bulb is equal to 130 watt of non-energy saving bulb. So, why don't we replace all the lamp bulbs we use in our home with this energy saving bulb immediately?