Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Urgency of Installing Self LuminousExit Signs

Talking about building management, we can not exclude safety in it. Safety facility is the most vital aspect to be available in every building so that when there is a disaster like fire, eathquake, collapse, and as such, the people who are inside can save and survive themselves easily. One of the safety facilities that is to be installed is exit sign. This sign seems simple but it functions importantly because it is that leads people to the entrance.

Actually, every building, specifically highrise building, has installed the sign. But the sign can not help much, especially in a situation when disaster happens and the electricity is blackout. The light inside the sign is off, so the word "exit" is not visible. Most of the exit signs are then likely installed just to comply with the requirement to be met by building manager regarding the safety. Realizing the fact, it is urgent that all buildings are facilitated with the signs that apply self luminous technology or LEC electroluminescent. These kinds of EXIT SIGNS will light on easily in the darkness.

Safety facility in a building is vital. However, it is more vital to install the safety facility that can really work when it is needed. The signs for exit, for example, must be easily seen when there is a disaster happens. Otherwise, the enstalled facilities will be useless.