Monday, October 18, 2010

Donating a Car to Save Others' Lives

If we see the world around us, we will immediately realize that there are still many people living in poverty. There are also many people who suffer from diseases and get insufficient medical treatment. Who must be responsible for them? If we just leave it in government, it takes time for the government to do action. So, it is our responsibility then. As social creatures, we have to help each other by donating small part of our wealth; money, thoughts, and anything, to them. We can even Donate a Car to raise money for them.

Through Car Donations, we are able to save many lives that may be under threat out there. They who may be now in prisons, in slum areas, in rehabilitation centers or in kidnappers' hands. We do not see them directly before our eyes but, in fact, they are there calling out our help. We know that our car means to us but if we donate it, it will mean a lot more. We will get uninterrupted mercy from God because of donating our car.

How can we donate our cars? We can contact an institution that handle our Automobile Donations and fulfill the form easily on its website. By donating our car there, we have trusted it in the right hand which means that our donations will certainly be distributed to those who deserve to receive. So, let's do donation by donating our car and help the life of those who are now suffering.